A self taught vocalist, freelance model, and free form poetry writer. Amber was born in Tacoma, WA, but mainly raised in Northern California.

Never learning textbook “Music Theory” and only taking one vocal lesson in her adult life, Amber is still able to beautifully capture the essence of words and bring them to life with sound.

“I just feel music. I was never taught basic theory, but music and I still share a very special bond. I have this innate gift to understand sounds & vibrations and I am able to create such astounding beauty through it! It’s amazing!” -AS

Amber is fluid in adapting to multiple musical forms and genres. Although most of her early music could be categorized as funk, dance, or even comedy, Blues & Neo Soul resonate deeply within her and ooze out in every performance she gives.

“I remember my mom blasting her favorite Motown classics from dawn till’ dusk! Everything from the O”Jays to Anita Baker, Al B. Sure, Al Green, Kool & the Gang, and especially Johnny Kemp’s “Just got Paid”. My sister still hates that song to this day! haha. -AS


With a voice that literally stops others in their tracks, Amber is a definite force to be reckoned with! Her career is just beginning and she is very excited to collaborate with many other talented musicians, travel the world sharing her gift, & embracing what her future holds ahead!