I’m a Singer. A Songwriter. A Crafter. A Comedian. True creator at heart. Bohemian roots & Free Spirited. I love my plants, my Crafting time, my Family, and my FiancĂ© very much!

Music is still very new to my journey. It hasn’t always been in the forefront of my mind. To be quite honest, I was terrified that I possessed this precious gift, as it brought on a lot of attention and a spotlight I wasn’t very comfortable in. flying way below the radar was my safe space for a long time.

That all changed a little over 3 years ago…

My FiancĂ© helped me to discover and uncover a strength, a hidden passion I’d held lying in the waits inside of myself for a very long time. With a bit of nurturing, great support, and self belief, I’d opened myself up to sharing this wonderful gift with you!

I’ve still got so much to learn, and I’ve allocated the space to grow and keep creating with the most honest intentions I possibly can. This magical journey is just beginning and I am so excited to see where my road may lead! I welcome you to join me and ride alongside me into this great endeavor!

Thank you for your time, and your support!


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